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what was the white flight ?

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what was the white flight?

“White flight”—the departure of white residents from racially mixed cities to heavily white suburban enclaves in reaction to court-ordered school desegregation—occurred in several urban communities in Arkansas.

Keeping this in consideration,What was the significance of white flight?

White flight contributed to the draining of cities' tax bases when middle-class people left. Abandoned properties attracted criminals and street gangs, contributing to crime. In the 1970s and 1980s, urban decay was associated with Western cities, especially in North America and parts of Europe.

Long,What was white flight quizlet?

In the 1950s, millions middle class white Americans left the cities for the suburbs. At the same time millions of African American rural poor migrated to the cities. They so-called "White Flight" drained cities of valuable resources, money, and taxes.

In this way,What is white flight in human geography?

The movement to the suburbs by middle-class households from the majority white population supposedly in reaction to the growing demands and presence of racial and ethnic minorities in city centres, and the related fears about crime and schooling.

Considering this,What was the white flight in NYC?

The city's already high unemployment rates got higher, and many middle class families — more than 820,000 people — fled to the suburbs in a movement known as white flight, desperate for jobs.

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What is white flight AP Gov?

White flight. the movement of whites out of urban centers to the suburbs. Civil disobedience. opposing a law one considers unjust by peacefully disobeying it and accepting the resulting punishment.

Which of the following was the result of white flight quizlet?

Which of the following was a result of "white flight"? Racial tensions grew as minorities moved into houses in white working-class areas that were left vacant by whites that had left for the suburbs.

What's the term for the illegal practice of nudging buyers away from or toward a specific area based on the presence or absence of protected class members?

Terms in this set (5) Although redlining is now an illegal practice, the FHA initially supported it. The illegal practice of nudging buyers away or toward a specific area based on the presence or absence of protected class members in the area relative to the buyers.

How did white flight impact cities during the 1950's?

White flight has a significant effect on suburban and city environments. As the white population moves to the suburbs, they tend to bring with them wealth and funding. This, however, leaves cities with vacant funding which tends to lead to an increase of poverty and crime.

What was white flight in Chicago?

"White flight" historically described the movement of white residents out of the city into the suburbs, in response to black residents moving into their neighborhoods.

When was white flight in Chicago?

In its aftermath, white flight from Chicago accelerated. The city, which had been 85.9 percent white in 1950 and 76.4 percent in 1960, saw that proportion fall to 65.6 percent in 1970 and 49.6 percent in 1980.

What types of projects are often at issue in environmental racism?

  • Toxic dumps or other objectionable projects.
  • The location of schools, libraries, and other cultural institutions.
  • Hospitals and other health and safety sites.
  • Public transportation options.

How did the Korean War end quizlet?

The Korean War ended because the US, the People's Republic of China, North Korea and South Korea agreed to an armistice.