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what pov is hills like white elephants ?

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what pov is hills like white elephants?

Third PersonThird Person (Objective) The third-person narrator takes the fly-on-the-wall technique to extremes in "Hills Like White Elephants." We can see both the journalist and the storyteller in Hemingway working together to construct the story.

Additionally,Is Hills Like White Elephants in third person omniscient?

Ernest Hemmingway's “Hills Like White Elephants” is narrated in an omniscient third-person point of view. Hemingway's minimalistic style doesn't discuss many characters in the story, but rather focuses on their engagements and discourse. The narrator in this story gives little to no insight into what is happening.

Furthermore,What is the context of Hills Like White Elephants?

Hemingway wrote “Hills Like White Elephants” in 1926 while living in Paris. Europe between the First and Second World Wars provided the historical and cultural context for the story. Hemingway was twenty-two, newly married and ready to begin a career as a serious writer when he arrived in Paris in 1921.

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