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what is white literature ?

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what is white literature?

White literature is the commercially published literature that is as a result of its rationale as print for profit is not grey literature.

Beside above,What is GREY and white literature?

What about 'grey literature'? The 'black and white' literature that you get when searching most databases is produced by commercial publishers. In contrast, grey literature is produced by entities whose main task is NOT publishing.

Additionally,What is the meaning of grey literature?

Grey literature is any information that is not produced by commercial publishers.

Long,Is white paper grey literature?

White papers is the term commonly applied to publications in business and industry, usually featuring research or detailed product reports. The two terms, grey literature and white papers, are sometimes used interchangeably.

Subsequently, question is,Why is it called a white paper?

A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that often addresses issues and how to solve them. The term originated when government papers were coded by color to indicate distribution, with white designated for public access.

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What is white literature in research?

White literature is the commercially published literature that is as a result of its rationale as print for profit is not grey literature.

What is meant by black literature?

Black literature is literature created by or for Black people.

What are examples of grey literature?

Some examples of Grey Literature

  • Blogs.
  • Clinical trials.
  • Conference papers/proceedings.
  • Discussion Forums.
  • Dissertations and theses.
  • Email discussion lists.
  • Government documents and reports.
  • Interviews.

What is an example of a white paper?

Research whitepaper layout Research white paper examples usually include reported facts and data aimed at educating readers around a particular topic. Research white papers are also written to help readers understand and address specific problems.

Why is grey literature important?

Grey literature may thusly reduce publication bias, increase reviews' comprehensiveness and timeliness and foster a balanced picture of available evidence. Grey literature's diverse formats and audiences can present a significant challenge in a systematic search for evidence.

What is red literature?

The colour red is often used in gothic literature to symbolize passion, aggression and intensity. Because of its dangerous connotation, red has been used in novels such as 'Jane Eyre' for dramatic effect.

What does the color white represent in literature?

White represents innocence and purity, as in almost all other applications of colors. Similarly to red, orange symbolizes lust and fire.

Is a blog grey literature?

Here are some examples of grey literature: Blogs. Census, economic and other data sources. Conference proceedings and abstracts.