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what is white knight ?

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what is white knight?

查看以下内容的结果:白武士在工商业上,白武士又称白衣骑士,...在工商业上,白武士又称白衣骑士,是指向另一间公司提供协助的公司、...White knight白衣骑士是神话人物和文学界人物。...白衣骑士是神话人物和文学界人物。他们与黑人骑士一起被描绘成截然相反的角色。...

Keeping this in consideration,What does the slang white knight mean?

In internet slang, a white knight is a man who comes to the unsolicited defense of a woman online, in the hopes of romantic or sexual favor. A white knight can also more generally refer to someone who rushes to the defense of another online, usually a person whose actions aren't seen as worthy of defense.

Beside above,What is an example of a white knight?

Some famous examples of white knight rescues are the purchase of the nearly bankrupt ABC by United Paramount Theaters in 1953, and the white knight rescue of Schering from Merck KGaA by Bayer in 2006. Further, the purchase of Bear Stearns by JPMorgan Chase in 2008 helped in avoiding their complete insolvency.

Similarly,What is a white knight history?

The White Knight is one of three Hiberno-Norman hereditary knighthoods within Ireland dating from the medieval period. The title was first conferred upon Maurice Fitzgibbon in the early 14th century.

Simply so,What is white knight synonym?

Words Related to white knight. loyalist, partisan. (also partizan), stalwart.

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What do black knight means?

A black knight is someone making an unwelcome takeover attempt of a company, especially with the intention of selling it off or breaking it up into different organizations. A black knight is a firm that launches an unwelcome and contested takeover bid for some other firm.

What is the opposite of white knighting?

Opposite of a hero, savior, or righteous individual. adversary. antagonist. opponent. black knight.

How do I stop being a white knight?

Becoming self-aware is the first step towards combating white knight syndrome. Pay attention to how you tend to respond to other people's distress, watch how much you feel you need to control other people “for their own good.” Be careful with how you disguise your tendency to micromanage as good intentions.

How do you become a white knight?

A white knight typically has many of the following character traits:

  1. Fears emotional distance.
  2. Is very emotionally vulnerable and sensitive.
  3. Has a tendency to idealize the partner.
  4. Has an extreme need to be viewed as important or unique.
  5. Tends to be self-critical or reactively blames, devalues, and manipulate others.

Who makes white knight Paints?

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Why is white knight nanite free?

His nanite-free condition made him "the perfect poster boy for [the] operation," as he put it, but as a consequence, he was trapped in a sterile nanite free environment for the rest of his life to prevent reinfection with nanites.

What is it called when you fall in love with someone who rescues you?

There are the terms "white knight" and "knight in shining armour". white knight. n. 1. One that comes to the rescue; a savior.

What is a white knight narcissist?

“White Knight Narcissist” is my term for someone with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder who likes to be seen as a good person. They get their narcissistic supplies by doing helpful things for other people.