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what is the scientific name for the great white shark ?

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what is the scientific name for the great white shark?

大白鲨/学名Carcharodon carcharias用户还搜索了鲨鱼Selachimorpha巨齿鲨Otodus megalodon鼬鲨Galeocerdo cuvier

Thereof,What does the scientific name of the great white shark mean?

Taxonomy and Evolution The genus name Carcharodon is derived from the Greek “karcharos” = sharpen and “odous” = teeth. The species name carcharias, also translated from Greek, means point or type of shark, leading to its common name in Australia the “white pointer”.

Subsequently, question is,What is the scientific name of sharks?

Selachimorpha鲨鱼 / 学名

In this way,What is the genus for great white shark?

噬人鯊屬大白鲨 /

Similarly,What is another name for shark?

In this page you can discover 30 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shark, like: fish, fraud, maneater, predator, mako, triggerfish, usurer, hammerhead, isurus, trickster and shortfin.

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What is the Megalodons scientific name?

Otodus megalodon巨齿鲨 / Scientific name10. The word megalodon derives from Greek, meaning "giant tooth." The shark's full scientific name is Carcharocles megalodon.

How do you pronounce Carcharodons?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Carcharodon. car-char-o-don. Car-char-o-don. Carchar-o-don.
  2. Meanings for Carcharodon.
  3. Synonyms for Carcharodon. genus Carcharodon. fish genus.
  4. Examples of in a sentence.

What does Carcharodon carcharias mean in Latin?

great white shark, white shark, man-eater, man-eating shark, Carcharodon carchariasnoun.

Is Deep Blue still alive?

This massive great white shark is said to be around 50 years old. Researchers say that she will continue to grow in size over time, though at a much slower pace than before. As with most female great whites and great white sharks in general, Deep Blue has an estimated life expectancy of around 70 years.

How many great white sharks are killed every year?

100 million sharksAn estimated 100 million sharks are killed per year throughout the world, a startlingly high number and one that is greater than the recovery rate of these populations.

How many great white sharks are left in the world 2022?

Only 3,500 Great Whites Now Left in the Wild.