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what is the ratio of purple flowers to white flowers ?

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what is the ratio of purple flowers to white flowers?

The second generation had a 3:1 ratio of purple:white because when the offspring (F1 generation) reproduced they had the recessive white gene which was able to be expressed because during mitosis two white genes paired up and thus one white flower was produced.

Simply so,Are purple flowers dominant to white flowers?

These are the parental generation. Their offspring—the first filial, or F1, generation—each receive one purple allele and one white allele. Since all of the offspring have the purple phenotype, this tells us that the purple allele is dominant to the white allele.

Considering this,What is the ratio of purple flowers to white flowers quizlet?

The phenotypic ratio is 1:1 of purple:white.

Furthermore,What is the ratio of getting purple to white flowers in the second generation?

When the first generation is self pollinated, there is a 3 to 1 ratio of purple to white flowers in the second generation.

Long,How many plants had purple flowers white flowers?

RESULTS Both purple-flowered plants and white- flowered plants appeared in the F2 generation. In Mendel's experiment, 705 plants had purple flowers, and 224 had white flowers, a ratio of about 3 purple : 1 white.

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What is the genotype ratio?

The genotypic ratio is the ratio depicting the different genotypes of the offspring from a test cross. It represents the pattern of offspring distribution according to genotype, which is the genetic constitution determining the phenotype of an organism.

What is the probability of purple-flowered offspring?

Two pea plants, both heterozygous for flower color, are crossed. The offspring will show the dominant purple coloration in a 3:1 ratio. Or, about 75% of the offspring will be purple.

What would the ratio of purple flowers to white flowers be if PP and PP were crossed?

Predicting Offspring Phenotypes Only offspring with the pp genotype will have the white-flower phenotype. Therefore, in this cross, you would expect three out of four (75 percent) of the offspring to have purple flowers and one out of four (25 percent) to have white flowers.

What percentage will be purple?

75%What percentage of the F2 generation will be homozygous? Explanation: The F1 generation will be entirely heterozygous, thus the F2 generation is the result of a heterozygous self-cross. A Punnet square reveals that 75% of the generation will be purple (PP or Pp) and 25% will be white (pp).

How can it be explained that two purple flowers can produce a flower that is white?

The two different alleles here are purple flowers and white flowers. Each plant has two copies of each gene: one copy from each parent plant. The F1 generation inherits a purple allele and a white allele. Even though the plant has one copy of each, we only see the trait from the purple flower gene.

Is TT recessive?

Remember, the recessive phenotype will be expressed only when the dominant allele is absent, or when an individual is homozygous recessive ( tt ) ( Figure below )....

Genotype Definition Example
Homozygous dominant Two dominant alleles TT
Homozygous recessive Two recessive alleles tt

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What does genotype pp mean?

There are three available genotypes, PP (homozygous dominant ), Pp (heterozygous), and pp (homozygous recessive). All three have different genotypes but the first two have the same phenotype (purple) as distinct from the third (white).

What is TT genotype?

The genotype is represented by letter combinations, such as TT, Tt, and tt. When an organism has two of the same alleles for a specific gene, it is homozygous (homo means "same") for that gene. An organism can be either homozygous dominant (TT) or homozygous recessive (tt).