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What is the most popular NFT? ?

Asked By: luobo1689 | Last Updated: 2022-04-13

What is the most popular NFT??

Most Popular and Best Selling NFTs of the Last Week – March 11, 2022The Sandbox. ... VeeFriends. ... Doodles. Last 7 days: $3,887,129. ... Cool Cats. Last 7 days: $2,784,633. ... Decentraland. Last 7 days: $2,748,808. ... Art Blocks. Last 7 days: $2,281,597. ... CyberKongz. Last 7 days: $1,815,639. ... SuperRare. Last 7 days: $1,424,977.More items...•Mar 11, 2022

One may also ask,Which NFT is best to buy?

Best NFTs To Buy.Azuki NFTs.CryptoPunks NFTs.Lucky Block NFTs.PolygonPunks NFTs.Prime Ape Planet NFTs.VeeFriends NFTs.World of Women NFTs.Apr 4, 2022

Correspondingly,What is the best NFT Crypto?

Top 5 NFTs: Largest tokens by market capDecentraland (MANA) Decentraland is a virtual world, or metaverse, where users interact through augmented reality, virtual reality and the internet. ... Axie Infinity (AXS) ... The Sandbox (SAND) ... Theta Network (THETA) ... ApeCoin (APE)7 days ago

In this way,What are the most popular NFT projects?

According to trading volume on March 2, 2022, here is a list of the best NFT projects that can be your lucrative investment choices.Axie Infinity. ... CryptoPunks. ... Art Blocks. ... NBA Top Shot. ... Mutant Ape Yacht Club. ... CloneX. ... Meebits. ... Azuki.Mar 17, 2022

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