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what is the function of white matter ?

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what is the function of white matter?

Long thought to be passive tissue, white matter affects learning and brain functions, modulating the distribution of action potentials, acting as a relay and coordinating communication between different brain regions. White matter is named for its relatively light appearance resulting from the lipid content of myelin.

Furthermore,What is the function of white matter quizlet?

White matter in brain is known as the cerebral white matter. The white matter deep to the cortical gray matter is responsible for communication between cerebral areas and between the cerebral cortex and lower CNS.

Similarly,What is the function of GREY and white matter?

Gray matter is peculiar for containing the neuron cell bodies. The scientific name for the neuron bodies is soma (1). White matter is specific for containing myelinated axons (1). These structures are long relays.

Subsequently,What is GREY matter function?

[6] The grey matter throughout the central nervous system allows enables individuals to control movement, memory, and emotions. Different areas of the brain are responsible for various functions, and grey matter plays a significant role in all aspects of human life.

In this regard,What is white matter?

White matter is found in the deeper tissues of the brain (subcortical). It contains nerve fibers (axons), which are extensions of nerve cells (neurons). Many of these nerve fibers are surrounded by a type of sheath or covering called myelin. Myelin gives the white matter its color.

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What are white matter tracts?

It consists of bundles of axons, or tracts, which are the long, slender projections of nerve cells. As the name suggests, white matter is whiter than gray matter, and its famous whiteness is due to a waxy coating called myelin, which is found on each of the axons.

What is white matter in the spinal cord?

The white matter of your brain and spinal cord is composed of bundles of axons. These axons are coated with myelin, a mixture of proteins and lipids, that helps conduct nerve signals and protect the axons. White matter's job is to conduct, process, and send nerve signals up and down the spinal cord.

What is the function of white matter related to memory?

In the most general sense, the gray matter of the brain facilitates information processing, and the white matter facilitates information transfer; both are critical for efficient operation of the neural networks responsible for a specific mental domain.

What is the white matter of the cerebellum called?

Answer and Explanation: The white matter in the cerebellum is also called the '"arbor vitae"', or tree of life, because it has the branch-like appearance of a tree....

What is white matter quizlet?

White matter is composed of bundles of myelinated axons, which connect various gray matter areas of the brain to each other, and carry nerve impulses between neurons.

What does white matter mean in the brain?

White matter is tissue that includes nerve fibers (axons), which connect nerve cells. A fatty tissue called myelin covers the axons. These axons connect the neurons of the brain and spinal cord and signal nerve cells to communicate with one another.

What is white matter changes in the brain?

White matter disease is a disease that affects the nerves that link various parts of the brain to each other and to the spinal cord. These nerves are also called white matter. White matter disease causes these areas to decline in their functionality. This disease is also referred to as leukoaraiosis.