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what is the diameter of the solar system in km ?

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what is the diameter of the solar system in km?

Looking at the aphelion(according to NASA figures) of the orbit of the farthest acknowledged planet, Neptune, the Solar System would have a radius of 4.545 billion km and a 9.09 billion km diameter.2008年7月16日

Additionally,What is the diameter of the planets in km?

The Earth's diameter is 12,750 km. We can divide the diameter of the Earth into the diameters of all the planets, to get a relative comparison....Procedure: Scale Model of Relative Diameters of Planets.

Planet Earth
Diameter in kilometers 12750
Relative Diameter Compared to Earth 1.00
Size in cm 1 cm

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Keeping this in consideration,What is a solar diameter?

865,370 mi太阳 / 直径

Also asked,Is the solar system 1 AU in diameter?

We took the radius of the solar system to be 39.5 AU, which means it has a diameter of 79 AU. This means you could put the Solar System about 3440 times between the Sun and the nearest star taking this definition.

Furthermore,How big is the size of the solar system?

The diameter of the Solar System is 100000 times the distance from the Sun to the Earth. Light would from the Sun would take about 555 days to reach the edge of the Solar System compared to 8.25 minutes to reach the Earth.

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What is the diameter of the Earth?

7,917.5 mi地球 / Diameter

Which of the following planets has a diameter of 6792 km?

Mars'Mars' diameter is 6,792 km, only about 53% of Earth's diameter.

What is the diameter of the solar system in miles?

In real distances that's an average of roughly 186 million to 372 million miles (300 million to 600 million kilometers ) from the Sun, or 2 to 4 AU.

How many AU are in a diameter?

Diameter of the Solar System

Bibliographic Entry Standardized Result
Laskar, Jacques. "Solar System." Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics. 2001: 1930, 2749. 79.88 AU 60,000–120,000 AU
Moore, Patrick The data book of Astronomy 2000: 215, 236. 79 AU 60,000–100,000 AU

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What is the diameter of solar system in light years?

1 light yearsTherefore, the solar system is 1 light years in diameter. Note: According to the astronomers, this Oort cloud can be 1 light year in length. If we consider it to be a part of the solar system then the diameter is measured to be equal to 1.5 light years.

How many Earths can fit in the Sun?

one million EarthsThe sun lies at the heart of the solar system, where it is by far the largest object. It holds 99.8% of the solar system's mass and is roughly 109 times the diameter of the Earth — about one million Earths could fit inside the sun.

How wide are all the planets?

The apparent brightnesses of the planets cover too wide a range to depict accurately....

Mean 5.24

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Which planet has an equatorial diameter of 120 536 km?

Because the four giant planets have no solid surface in their outer layers, by convention the values for the radius and gravity of these planets are calculated at the level at which one bar of atmospheric pressure is exerted. By this measure, Saturn's equatorial diameter is 120,536 km (74,898 miles).