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what is the chicago white sox record ?

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what is the chicago white sox record?


1 Twins 15-10
2 White Sox 11-13
3 Guardians 11-13
4 Tigers 8-15

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Similarly,What are the White Sox record this year?

MLB Team History - Chicago White Sox Season Results

Regular Season Results
2019 72 89
2018 62 100
2017 67 95

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Subsequently, question is,Who has more wins Cubs or White Sox?

Cubs–White Sox rivalry

Meetings total 134
Most wins White Sox, 70
Regular season series 70–64 (.522), White Sox
Largest victory 13–1, White Sox (August 29, 2021); 10–0, Cubs (September 25, 2020)

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Accordingly,Are the White Sox the best team in baseball?

The Sox have the second-best offense in the MLB, averaging 5.29 runs per game. And with an outstanding pitching staff to match, the Sox have the league's fourth-best team ERA (3.28).

Regarding this,How many World Series do the Chicago White Sox have?

three World Series titlesThe White Sox have won three World Series titles, two in the early 1900s (1906, 1917) and the third 88 years later, in 2005.

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Who is the White Sox biggest rival?

Chicago CubsChicago Cubs. The White Sox-Cubs rivalry (also known as the BP Crosstown Cup, Crosstown Classic, The Windy City Showdown, Red Line Series, City Series, Crosstown Series, Crosstown Cup or Crosstown Showdown) refers to the rivalry between two Major League Baseball teams that play their home games in Chicago, Illinois.

Who won the 1906 World Series?

Chicago White Sox1906年世界大赛 / ChampionThe Chicago White Sox are an American professional baseball team based in Chicago. The White Sox compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the American League Central division. The team is owned by Jerry Reinsdorf, and plays their home games at Guaranteed Rate Field, located on Chicago's South Side. Wikipedia

Which Chicago baseball team is older?

The Cubs is the oldest team that plays continuously in Chicago since the formation of the National League in 1876. The team is the former MLB team that never changed its city. They played in Chicago since 1871 continuously.

Why are the Chicago White Sox called that?

Paul Saints officially moved to Chicago and became the White Stockings as part of the newly founded American League on March 21, 1900. That White Stockings name originally was attached to the National League franchise rival on the North Side of Chicago, presently known as the Cubs.

Who is White Sox best hitter?

Luke Appling (1930-43, 1945-50) Nicknamed Old Aches and Pains because of the numerous injuries he managed to tolerate and play through, Appling was a White Sox lifer who hit . 310 and won two batting titles—including a . 388 mark in 1936 that still remains the highest in franchise history.

Who is the best MLB player of all time?

Babe Ruth, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees It should come as no surprise that “The Sultan of Swat” tops our list of the best baseball players of all time. He posted Hall of Fame-caliber numbers in his first five seasons with the Boston Red Sox (981 OPS, 190 OPS+.

Who is the best MLB player 2021?

Top 10 MLB players of 2021

  1. Shohei Ohtani, Angels. MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images / MediaNews Group / Getty.
  2. Corbin Burnes, Brewers. ...
  3. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Blue Jays. ...
  4. Bryce Harper, Phillies. ...
  5. Juan Soto, Nationals. ...
  6. Marcus Semien, Blue Jays. ...
  7. Fernando Tatis Jr., Padres. ...
  8. Robbie Ray, Blue Jays. ...