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What is the 50 largest city in the world? ?

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What is the 50 largest city in the world??

The 20 Largest Cities in the World: 2021 Edition

  • 1- Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2- Delhi, India.
  • 3- Shanghai, China.
  • 4- Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • 5- Mexico City, Mexico.
  • 8- Beijing, China.
  • 9- Mumbai, India.
  • 10- Osaka, Japan.


World City Populations 2022Tokyo (Population: 37,435,191)Delhi (Population: 29,399,141)Shanghai (Population: 26,317,104)Sao Paulo (Population: 21,846,507)Mexico City (Population: 21,671,908)Cairo (Population: 20,484,965)Dhaka (Population: 20,283,552)Mumbai (Population: 20,185,064)More items...

One may also ask,What is the top 100 biggest cities in the world?

The World - Top 100+ Cities by PopulationRankCityPopulation1.Shanghai14,608,5122.Buenos Aires13,076,3003.Mumbai12,691,8364.Mexico City12,294,19396 more rows

Furthermore,What are the 30 biggest cities in the world?

30 Largest Cities in the Worldof 30. Tokyo, Japan: 37,468,000. ... of 30. Delhi, India: 28,514,000. ... of 30. Shanghai, China: 25,582,000. ... of 30. São Paulo, Brazil: 21,650,000. ... of 30. Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City), Mexico: 21,581,000. ... of 30. Al-Quahirah (Cairo), Egypt: 20,076,000. ... of 30. Mumbai (Bombay), India: 19,980,000. ... of 30.More items...•Jan 12, 2020

Considering this,What is the largest city in all 50 states?

New York50 states and District of Columbia2020 rankCityState1New YorkNew York2Los AngelesCalifornia3ChicagoIllinois4HoustonTexas32 more rows

Likewise,What are the 10 largest city in the world?

Beijing. Country: China. 2015 Population: 18.42 million. ... New York-Newark. Country: United States. 2015 Population: 18.65 million. ... Cairo. Country: Egypt. ... Cairo. Country: Egypt. ... Kinki major metropolitan area (Osaka and Kyoto) Country: Japan. ... Mumbai. Country: India. ... Mexico City. Country: Mexico. ... São Paulo. Country: Brazil.More items...

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Which city is No 1 in the world?

1. London, England. Why we love it: While a pandemic recovery is slowly afoot, London held on to its reign as the world's best city for the sixth year in a row.

What is the biggest city in the world 2022?

Tokyo Japan2022 Metro Area RankingsRankCityCountry1TokyoJapan2DelhiIndia3ShanghaiChina4DhakaBangladesh10 more rows

What's the biggest city in the world 2020?

TokyoRapid UrbanizationRankCity2020 Population#1Tokyo37,393,000#2Delhi30,291,000#3Shanghai27,058,000#4São Paulo22,043,0001 more row•Jan 19, 2021

What is the biggest city in the world by population?

Tokyo-YokohamaLargest Cities in the World (2015)RankUrban AreaPopulation Estimate (2015)1Tokyo-Yokohama37,843,0002Jakarta30,539,0003Delhi, DL-UP-HR24,998,0004Manila24,123,00077 more rows

What city is in all 50 states?

The name "Springfield" is often thought to be the only community name appearing in each of the 50 states, but at last count it was in only 34 states.

Is Mexico City bigger than New York City?

Mexico City is the largest city in North America followed by New York City and Los Angeles. Mexico City is the largest city in North America followed by New York City and Los Angeles.

Is London bigger than New York?

The UK capital city is comparable in population to New York City, totaling around 8.9 million compared to NYC's 8.4 million. As for size, however, the Greater London Area covers around 607 square miles, which is about twice as big as NYC's 302.6 square mile area.

Is Tokyo bigger than London?

London (UK) is 0.72 times as big as Tokyo (Japan)