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what is red white and royal blue about ?

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what is red white and royal blue about?

Red, White & Royal Blue is a 2019 LGBT romance novel by Casey McQuiston. The novel centres around the character of Alex Claremont-Diaz, the First Son of the United States, and his romantic relationship with Prince Henry, a British prince.

Likewise,What does Red, White and Royal Blue talk about?

Red, White & Royal Blue concerns a rivalry-turned-romance between the Prince of Wales and the First Son of the United States. Alex Claremont-Diaz, whose mother is running for a second term for president, is sharp, passionate, and eager to kick-start his own political career.

Furthermore,Is Red, White and Royal Blue inappropriate?

Though there are a handful of steamy sex scenes — meaning that this book is not YA, and is for a slightly more mature audience — the way their relationship develops is meaningful and based on personal connection.

Subsequently,Is Red, White and Royal Blue a true story?

Now you can read it again and again and again. Before we start to talk about why we all wish this book was a true story, a small recap of the book is in order, so that everyone is onboard! The book is about the Alex, the first son of the United States, and Henry, the prince of England.

Furthermore,Is Nora Alex's sister?

Alex is the First Son of the United States and part of the White House Trio with his older sister June Claremont-Diaz and Nora Holleran.

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Who should be cast in Red, White and Royal Blue?

'Red, White and Royal Blue' Fan Casting

  • Alex: Noah Centineo. ...
  • Henry: Jeremy Irvine. ...
  • President Ellen Claremont: Connie Britton. ...
  • June: Cierra Ramirez. ...
  • Nora: Hailee Steinfeld.

Are Henry and Alex engaged?

Turns out the two are engaged to be married. Henry and Alex agree that. They get a meeting with the whole royal family. The queen wants to pretend everything was faked claiming the country isn't ready for anything like that.

Does Alex Claremont-Diaz have ADHD?

Conversation. periodically i just like to remind people that alex claremont-diaz has undiagnosed adhd.

How old are Alex and Henry in RWRB?

When his mom first took office, Alex was immediately cast as a young royal. He's handsome, smart, charismatic—and the American public eats it up. However, there is an issue: Alex's “archnemesis” happens to be 23-year-old Prince Henry of Wales; the actual young royal across the pond.

Is what if it's us becoming a movie?

Becky and Adam will also serve as producers on the new film. “The universe couldn't have presented a more perfect dream team than Brian, Joy, and Kat. We immediately fell in love with their vision for this film, and we can't wait to watch them bring What If It's Us to life,” they said in a joint statement.

How old is Alex Claremont-Diaz?

21-year-oldAlex Claremont-Diaz At the beginning of the novel, Alex is the 21-year-old son of the first female president of the United States.

Is it ends with us becoming a movie?

The novel is planned as a movie adaptation and will be developed by Justin Baldoni's company Wayfarer Entertainment. The project is currently in development and the first draft screenplay was finished around September 2021, as Baldoni announced on Instagram.

Are Nora and Alex related?

Nora Holleran is the twenty-two year old granddaughter of Vice President Mike Holleran, and part of the White House Trio with Alex Claremont-Diaz and June Claremont-Diaz.