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what is malia white doing now ?

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what is malia white doing now?

Thankfully, Malia has since recovered and is currently on charter in France. Besides her thriving career, Malia also confirmed during the Below Deck Med season 6 reunion that she is in a relationship with Jake Baker, who appeared as the engineer this past season.2021年11月1日

Accordingly,Are Malia and Jake still together?

Malia White and Jake Baker The couple is still going strong, seen above in an Instagram photo she posted from the Florida Keys on February 13, 2022.

Then,Is Malia missing a finger?

Malia has revealed that she lost part of her finger in an accident during her childhood. Most fans noticed when she uploaded a photo on Instagram, which noticeably had part of her finger missing… She responded to the claims, saying, “I lost it in an axe-ident!

In this way,Who is Malia seeing?

Engineer JakeMalia White Confirms She's Dating Below Deck Med's Engineer Jake. Captain Sandy Yawn also shared her reaction to the relationship at the reunion. "That's Malia's business and Jake's. Like, it's none of my business," she said.

Subsequently, question is,What is Malia doing now from below deck?

Malia White is making some major moves in her yachting career. The Below Deck Mediterranean bosun revealed her latest gig in the maritime industry in a post on Instagram on April 15.

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Are Malia and Tom still together 2021?

Below Deck Mediterranean's Malia White has been living her best life since she confirmed her breakup with Tom Checketts in September. In September of 2020, Malia White and Tom Checketts from Below Deck Mediterranean revealed that they had broken up.

What is Bobby from Below Deck doing now 2020?

Since his departure from Below Deck in 2017, Bobby has since become a successful Yacht broker, selling luxurious boats to the affluent.

Are Wes and Malia still together 2021?

Sadly the couple are no longer together and Malia went on to form a new relationship with boyfriend Tom. However, fans will be pleased to hear she and Wes are still close friends and they speak regularly.

Is Bugsy and Alex together?

Sadly, she and Alex never really got together, but she did find love elsewhere. She did reveal that she remained “close friends” with the fellow yachtie, but their time on separate boats made it extremely hard for them to be at the same place at the same time. In the end, absence did not make her heart grow fonder.

What is Bugsy doing now?

Since leaving season 5 of Below Deck Med, Bugsy Drake has become quite successful. She is a published author and still works as a chief stew. Christine "Bugsy" Drake has been quite busy outside of her life as a yachtie since she was last on Below Deck Mediterranean.

How did Malia become bosun?

During season two, she started as a deckhand and moved up to lead deckhand later on in the season. When Malia returned for season five, she was promoted again to bosun, becoming the first female leader of the outdoor crew in the history of the series.

Where is Hannah Ferrier now?

The Below Deck Mediterranean alum shared a peek into her new digs. Hannah Ferrier is officially a homeowner! The Below Deck Mediterranean alum recently took to Instagram to confirm that she and her fiancé Josh have just bought a new home in Sydney.

Why did Malia break up with Tom Below Deck?

The bosun revealed that she learned “through a friend” that Tom allegedly cheated on her and then “all hell broke loose” between the exes. Tom has not commented on the split or on the claims of infidelity at this time. (Us Weekly reached out to Tom for comment.)