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what is a white whale ?

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what is a white whale?


One may also ask,What does it mean to be called a white whale?

something that someone pursues obsessively and with little chance of success. This problem is my white whale perhaps, or some other thing that will never get finished.

In this regard,What is the white whale a metaphor for?

The White Whale is frequently used as a metaphor for an obsession, usually in the sense of a goal that you chase but are unlikely to attain.

Simply so,What is a white whale business?

In sales terms, a white whale (or simply whale) is a lead that has the potential to bring enormous sales revenue to a company. Whales are large, elusive, and very rare – and sales teams go above and beyond to capture one.

In this way,What is a white whale moment?

A moment when the acting unfurls during Midnight, Forecastle. Photograph by Filip Wolak. "My white whale is the present tense. It's the thing you're always trying to get to by being inside of an experience, or completely inside of it, if it exists or not.

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What is the White Whale Re zero?

The White Whale is a major antagonist in the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World, as well as its anime & manga adaptations. It served as the secondary antagonist of the third story arc.

Are belugas Dolphins?

Belugas are toothed whales, and are not part of the oceanic dolphin family. They are classified under the Monodontidae family, which only consists of two species: belugas and narwhals.

Where did the term white whale originate?

Etymology. Figurative and additional senses derive from references to Herman Melville's 1851 novel Moby-Dick, in which Captain Ahab relentlessly pursues an albino sperm whale.

What are whale customers?

A whale is a sales prospect much, much larger than your normal clients. Landing a whale can take much more time, care, and attention, which is risky if you can't close the deal. In many companies, 80% of their revenue comes from just 20% of their clients, so investing in courting these clients can pay off.

How did Subaru see the unseen hand?

He couldn't when Rem died, but could afterwards. The more Subaru dies, the more the Witch's miasma increases as well. Since the unseen hand is a power bestowed by the witch, that would be why that Subaru was then able to see it.

Does REM Remember Subaru?

Yes, Rem has amnesia and does not remember Subaru at all! Despite feeling like his soul had been sucked away, Subaru chooses to put on a brave face and makes a new vow to start the story with her from scratch.

Why is there 3 white whales?

'Three' seems to be the magic number of Gluttony. There are three Great Witchfiends created by Daphne: Hakugei, Oousagi, Kurohebi. They are based on the constellations 'Whale' 'Rabbit' and 'Sea snake'.