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what happened to the lead singer of white snake ?

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what happened to the lead singer of white snake?

In 2007, Coverdale officially became an American citizen, and currently resides in Nevada. There are plans for yet another Whitesnake album, a live record to be accompanied by a DVD. The official Whitesnake website says that there are possible studio recordings in the works, but they haven't said where or when.2021年11月1日

Accordingly,What happened Whitesnake dancer?

Now, Kitaen's cause of death has been revealed. As reported by Blabbermouth, a spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff's Department in California announced that Kitaen's death was caused by dilated cardiomyopathy. The manner of death was ruled natural.

Similarly,What happened to the Whitesnake girl?

According to People, the actress and model — famous to '80s rock fans for starring in Whitesnake videos and appearing on Ratt album covers — died from dilated cardiomyopathy, which Mayo Clinic describes as "a disease of the heart muscle that usually starts in your heart's main pumping chamber (left ventricle).”

Beside above,Who died from Whitesnake?

Tawny KitaenTawny Kitaen, actress and hair metal video star most famous for her appearance in Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" music video, has died at the age of 59.

Furthermore,What happened to the band Whitesnake?

After releasing Slip of the Tongue in 1989, Coverdale decided to put Whitesnake on hold to take a break from the music industry. Aside from a few short-lived reunions in the 1990s, Whitesnake remained mostly inactive until 2003, when Coverdale put together a new line-up to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary.

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Who is the girl in the Whitesnake videos?

Tawny KitaenEARLIER: Tawny Kitaen, an actress whose stunning presence in two Whitesnake videos helped propel that band's multiplatinum albums to No. 1 in the late '80s, died Friday in Newport Beach at age 59.

Is Tawny Kitaen still married?

David Coverdale reflected on the death of ex-wife Tawny Kitaen, saying they hadn't spoken to each other in more than three decades. They married in February 1989 and divorced in April 1991, after Kitaen's appearance in three Whitesnake videos had helped secure Coverdale's career.

What was the cause of tawny Kitaens death?

Newport Beach actress and model Tawny Kitaen, best known for her roles in 1980s music videos and ex-wife of Whitesnake singer David Coverdale and former Angels pitcher Chuck Finley, died of heart disease, the Orange County Coroner's Office confirmed.

Who is Whitesnake married to?

Tawny Kitaen
Occupation Actress, model, media personality
Years active 1976–2017
Spouse(s) David Coverdale ​ ​ ( m. 1989; div. 1991)​ Chuck Finley ​ ​ ( m. 1997; div. 2002)​
Children 2

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What happened Toni Kitaen?

The cause of death for 1980s rock music video star Tawny Kitaen was revealed on Wednesday – five months after her death at age 59. The Orange County Sheriff's Department in California confirmed to several media outlets that the star's cause of death was dilated cardiomyopathy, a common type of heart disease.

Who is the lead singer of Whitesnake?

David Coverdale白蛇 / Lead singerDavid Coverdale is a British-American rock singer best known for his work with Whitesnake, a hard rock band he founded in 1978. Before Whitesnake, Coverdale was the lead singer of Deep Purple from 1973 to 1976, after which he established his solo career. Wikipedia

Did Tawny Kitaen dated OJ?

Simpson's hook-up with Tawny lasted until she wed Whitesnake rocker David Coverdale. But naturally, O.J. cheated on Tawny too, with Lynn and a bevy of other Hawaiian Tropic gals, including the lovely Marie West.

Who is the woman in the Is This Love video?

actress Tawny KitaenA music video was also made, featuring Coverdale's then-girlfriend actress Tawny Kitaen. The music video, which was directed by Marty Callner, depicts the band playing the song on a misty stage, intercut with scenes of Coverdale singing, Kitaen dancing and the two of them together.