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what happened to meg white ?

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what happened to meg white?

After White Stripes disbanded in 2011, we rarely hear from Meg. She is not officially involved in any musical cooperation. She decided to stop touring in the middle of the tour in 2007, so they had to cancel 18 shows. Since then, she has made very few public appearances.

Beside above,Why did Meg leave white stripes?

By the end of 2007—after the release of Icky Thump—the White Stripes were cancelling shows as Meg battled with acute anxiety issues. Four years later the band was officially done without ever having recorded another album.

Simply so,Did Jack White marry his sister?

Meg and Jack White were married before they formed a band They may have concocted the siblings story as a gimmick when they formed the band in 1997, but they officially became Jack and Meg White a when they married a year before on 21 September 1996.

Considering this,Is Meg White still drumming?

No, she's not a drummer again In March 2016, fans of The White Stripes and, especially, fans of Meg were surprised to hear that she was chosen as the replacement drummer for the rock band Rush. Only, this news turned out not to be even the slightest bit true.

Thereof,Are White Stripes siblings?

Publicly, Jack and Meg, both thirty, claim to be brother and sister, even though a Detroit newspaper blew their cover a couple of years ago, revealing them to be ex-husband and -wife (married in 1996, divorced in 2000).

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Why did Jack White take Meg's last name?

The Detroit area residents started hanging out at local concerts and record stores, then began dating. On Sept. 21, 1996, when Jack and Meg were both 21, the pair tied the knot. Instead of Meg taking her new husband's family name, Jack changed his last name to White.

Is Jack White and Meg White siblings?

Heather White梅格·怀特 / Siblings

Does Jack White have a child?

Scarlett Teresa WhiteHenry Lee White杰克·怀特/Children

Who is Meg White married to?

Jackson Smithm. 2009–2013Jack Whitem. 1996–2000梅格·怀特/Spouse

Is Jack White married?

Olivia Jeanm. 2022Karen Elsonm. 2005–2013Meg Whitem. 1996–2000杰克·怀特/Spouse

Are Jack and Meg White still friends?

Jack White has at last spoken in detail on his current relationship with Meg White, which seems pretty much non-existent: “I don't think anyone talks to Meg. She's always been a hermit. When we lived in Detroit, I'd have to drive over to her house if I wanted to talk to her, so now it's almost never.”

Why did Jack and Meg White split?

The band's official site gave a long list of reasons that the band was ending, without really naming the reason it was. They made it clear that both Meg and Jack were in good health, and that there were no artistic differences between the two.

Are The White Stripes still alive?

On February 2, 2011, the duo announced that they had officially ceased recording and performing music as the White Stripes. The announcement specifically denied any artistic differences or health issues, but cited "a myriad of reasons ... mostly to preserve what is beautiful and special about the band".