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what happened to axel in white lines ?

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what happened to axel in white lines?

After taking a hit of cocaine, Axel sank into the pool. Anna, overwhelmed with rage, drowned him. He didn't resist her efforts. Then, she recruited her then-husband, Marcus, to steal Oriol's car keys, and bury Axel's body.2020年5月16日

Simply so,What happened to Axel Collins in White Lines?

Axel is still alive. Anna then goes over, takes the screwdriver out of his hand, and stabs him in the back, killing him. Marcus just looks on in horror and does nothing to stop it. The two keep the secret for 20 years and 10 episodes.

Correspondingly,Who killed Axel White Lines?

AnnaAfter 10 gripping episodes that saw several suspects emerge, the series finale revealed that Anna (Kassius Nelson/Angela Griffin) was the one who killed Axel - but she didn't act alone.

In this regard,Is Axel Collins real?

Axel Collins (Tom Rhys Harries), the main character of the series, isn't based on an actual person — and neither was the series inspired by a biography or a memoir. However, the creators made sure to create a show that feels authentic, original, and relatable.

Subsequently, question is,Is there season 2 of White Lines?

The show, White Lines, will not have a second season. It was canceled in August 2020. One of the stars confirmed it with an Instagram post that said: It's been an awesome experience. White Lines season 2 has been confirmed canceled.

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Did Zoe sleep with Boxer in White Lines?

No! Utilizing a curious one-step-forward, two-steps-back rhythm, the show only reveals to us that Zoe and Boxer slept together in dialogue, when Zoe meets up with her new friend Kika to console her about her father's car accident, which has left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Is White Lines a true story?

Is White Lines based on a true story? The actual story of Axel's death and all the characters involved in it are entirely fictional – although the show's creators have said it was partly influenced by Narcos, which is based on real events.

Who killed Zoe's brother in White Lines?

The first season ends with a clear answer to who killed Axel, and fans discover that ex-wife of a drug dealer and sex party organiser Anna (Angela Griffin) is responsible for Axel's death. After being confronted by Zoe in White Lines season finale, Anna confesses that she murdered Axel 20 years ago.

Why did Netflix remove White Lines?

Why was White Lines cancelled? We don't know for certain why White Lines was cancelled by Netflix, as the streaming service is very secretive about its exact viewership numbers. That said, the series ranked in the top 10 most-watched Netflix shows for a number of weeks, so presumably people were tuning in throughout.

Will Boxer and Zoe get together?

Sadly, as it became clear Boxer had fallen for Zoe and she was uncertain about leaving her husband Mark - who came to Ibiza to get her but then realised his wife's dalliance - and how strongly she felt, the pair ended their affair.

Is White Lines worth watching?

All that said, White Lines is a blast to watch because it's full of absolutely chaotic energy. From a storytelling perspective, White Lines takes way more big swings than it has earned, but the swings are so wild and egregious that it's like watching a controlled burn.

Who killed Zoe's dad in White Lines?

So it doesn't come as the biggest surprise when Anna confesses that she and Marcus murdered Axel. Here's how that plays out. In Episode 9, Zoe's dad kidnaps Oriol Calafat, believing him to be Axel's killer. But Oriol escapes, crashing the car and killing Zoe's dad in the process.