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what does cgc white pages mean ?

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what does cgc white pages mean?

Pretty cool cover, if you ask me. A graded CGC 9.8 copy with off-white/white pages sold on eBay last month for $470. Believe it or not, a graded CGC 9.8 copy with similarly colored pages sold for $570 a week before that.2021年3月21日

Likewise,What are White Pages CGC?

A book with white pages ranks at the top of the color scale. Below the white rank, books receive ratings of off-white to white, off-white, a mix of tan and cream colors, and then at the bottom are the extreme cases of dark tan or brittle pages.

Additionally,Is 9.4 A good comic grade?

Books with brown or brittle pages are usually not good candidates either. Even though them comic will look better, its page quality will still rate a lower grade....Comic Grading Tutorial.

10 Point Grading Scale
9.4 NM Near Mint
9.2 NM- Near Mint-
9.0 VF/NM Very Fine/Near Mint
8.5 VF+ Very Fine+

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Besides,How do I keep my comic book pages white?

Keeping your comics away from bright lights will keep your comic pages white and not yellow with age. There are mylars for comics, which are stiffer than comic bags. You must take care when inserting your comic into the mylars, so as not to slice off the cover.

Subsequently,Is CGC 9.8 good?

Almost from the beginning of CGC encapsulation, collectors of modern age comic books have touted CGC 9.8 as the only grade choice for serious collectors and for investing.

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Why do old comic books smell?

That old book smell. It comes from the paper decaying with age, particularly the chemicals used in making the paper in the first place.

Can you store comics sideways?

However, if the box is only partially full, the comics can topple over like a row of books without a bookend. Collectors can easily solve this problem by placing some comics sideways in the box or using another object as a bookend inside the box.

Has there ever been a CGC 10?

Unsurprisingly, there's only one CGC 10.0-graded copy of any issue of this series, and there's a Hard Boiled #1 (Dark Horse, 1990) CGC MT 10.0 White pages up for auction at this week's 2022 January 13 – 16 Comics & Comic Art Signature® Auction #7266 at Heritage Auctions.

How do I get my comics white again?

A dry cleaning sponge will help to pull external color from the cover or pages of a comic book. Like a Magic Eraser, an Absorene eraser pad will take any sort of discoloration out of the picture. This is a smooth process, but does require careful application.

How do I get rid of musty smell in books?

Place a cup of baking soda or an opened box in a plastic box or bin with a lid. Put the book in the box with the baking soda and close the lid. Leave it for 48-72 hours, then check on the book. Repeat until the odor is gone.

How do you get musty smell out of magazines?

If the pages smell musty, try one of these methods:

  1. Wait for a clear day and leave them out in the fresh air for a few hours.
  2. Put individual copies in a plastic container; sprinkle with a cup or so of baking soda or clay-type cat litter and keep sealed for several days.

How do you get the musty smell out of old comics?

To remove the musty smell from old books, first make sure they are dry. Place books in a cool, dry space for a couple of hours. If damp, open the books and stand them up with pages fanned to allow drying. Circulating the air with a fan will help.