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what day does shaun white compete in 2022 olympics ?

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what day does shaun white compete in 2022 olympics?

On 9 February, USA star Shaun White will compete in the men's snowboard halfpipe qualification runs at the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.2022年2月8日

Thereof,What time does Shaun White compete?

What time does Shaun White compete? The men's halfpipe final is scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Additionally,Where did Shaun White finish in Olympics 2022?

Shaun White Olympics results: Snowboarding legend finishes career without a medal in Beijing. Shaun White's legendary snowboarding career has finally come to an end in Beijing. The three-time Olympic gold medalist failed to reach the podium in Friday's men's halfpipe final after falling in his third and final run.

Subsequently,Who won the men's snowboarding Olympics 2022?

A pair of huge 1800s (front and backside) in his first two runs was enough to see 17-year-old Su Yiming grab the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games gold medal for men's snowboard big air in a tense day of high-flying competition at the Shougang Industrial Park.

Beside above,Who won halfpipe 2022?

2022 Olympics: Eileen Gu wins halfpipe gold, becoming first to earn 3 freeski medals at single Games. Freestyle skiing superstar Eileen Gu picked up her second gold medal of the 2022 Olympic Games, and third medal overall, in the women's halfpipe final on Friday in Beijing.

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Who won men's halfpipe 2022?

Ayumu HiranoAyumu Hirano of Japan, the 2014 and 2018 silver medalist, finally won a gold Olympic medal....Snowboarding at the 2022 Winter Olympics – Men's halfpipe.

Men's halfpipe at the XXIV Olympic Winter Games
Date 9, 11 February
Competitors 25 from 12 nations
Winning score 96.00

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Who qualified for men's slopestyle 2022?

Snowboarding at the 2022 Winter Olympics – Men's slopestyle

Men's slopestyle at the XXIV Olympic Winter Games
Competitors 30 from 15 nations
Winning points 90.96
Max Parrot Canada Su Yiming China Mark McMorris Canada

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How old is Chloe Kim?

22 years (April 23, 2000)克洛伊·金 / Age

Who won men's slopestyle 2022 Olympics?

The men's slopestyle competition in freestyle skiing at the 2022 Winter Olympics was held on 14 February (qualification) and 16 February (final), at the Genting Snow Park in Zhangjiakou. Alex Hall of the United States won the event, which was his first Olympic medal.

Did Chloe Kim win gold 2022?

Since then, she has become an athlete to watch. Now 21, Kim was back in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and successfully defend her gold in the halfpipe. The victory in Beijing made her the first in the women's halfpipe to take home multiple and consecutive golds.

Who won gold in Olympics 2022?

Ester LedeckáDaniela UlbingGloria Kotnik2022年冬季奧林匹克運動會單板滑雪比賽/Medalists