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what body system is like the vacuole ?

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what body system is like the vacuole?

The Vacuole can be represented as the intestines because the intestines often stores the waste of the body just like how the vacuole stores the waste for the cell. The cell wall can be represented as the bones in our body.

Also asked,What system is the vacuole similar to?

A vacuole is like a thermos because a vacuole stores water and nutrients until it is needed like a thermos stores water food until it is needed.

Likewise,Which organ system functions most similarly to the vacuole?

the excretory systemVacuoles store waste, water, and necessary materials. They function similarly to the excretory system.

Subsequently, question is,What is similar to vacuole in real life?

Vacuole-The Storage Bin A real life object related to the Vacuole is a refrigerator, because it can store food, water and other substances.

Correspondingly,What organelle is similar to the circulatory system?

Name the organelles which act as the cell's circulatory system, protein factories, power houses, disposal units and control centre. Solution : Endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, mitochondria, lysosomes and nucleus respectively.

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What body system is like the cell membrane?

The skin surrounds the entire body just as the cell membrane surrounds the entire cell. Both the skin and the cell membrane are semi-permeable, meaning that they only allow specific substances to enter or exit the body.

Which body system is most similar in function to a cell's mitochondria?

What organ system is mitochondria similar to? The mitochondria is similar to the digestive system They both break down nutrients to produce energy Page 2 What organ system is similar to lysosomes and vacuoles? Compare lysosomes and vacuoles to the excretory system.

How is a vacuole like a vacuum?

Vacuole. Vacuoles are storage bubbles. They can contain water, food or waste. Think of the bag of a vacuum cleaner (vacuole) as a big bubble of liquid or waste that fills a large part of the machine.

How are vacuoles like stores?

Vacuoles are storage bubbles found in cells. They are found in both animal and plant cells but are much larger in plant cells. Vacuoles might store food or any variety of nutrients a cell might need to survive. They can even store waste products so the rest of the cell is protected from contamination.

What is cell analogy?

Teachers often assign cell analogy projects for this reason. A cell analogy project requires a real-life place or object in place of a cell that describes how the place's or object's components are like those of a cell.

Which cell part has a similar function to the respiratory system?

The main organelle involved in respiration is the mitochondria. It's known as the powerhouse of the cell due to the fact that 32 ATP are created from this organelle.

Which body part is like the lysosome?

StomachStomach. In the cell, lysosomes are mainly involved in the digestion or break down of biomolecules with hydrolytic enzymes. Similarly, the stomach is a muscular organ involved in digesting food by secreting enzymes.

What organelle is similar to the immune system?

Mitochondria and the Immune Response. Due to their similarities to bacteria, mitochondria can actually trigger severe illness in humans. How can organelles inside our bodies suddenly become a threat?