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what are the white straps in my assault pack for ?

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what are the white straps in my assault pack for?

The pack has drain holes. There are two 30" type 8 webbing used for airborne operations inside the pack. These white straps are used for direct attachment to the parachutist snaphook described in FM 3-21.220 pg 12-5, item #17, for integration with the T-10 Harness Assembly described on pg 2-2 item #14.

Correspondingly,What are the straps on top of assault pack for?

15 14 Page 9 Frame Inside of the Assault Pack there are two white straps used for airborne operations. These straps can attach directly to the parachute harness D-rings. If a lowering line is used there is also an attachment loop.

Keeping this in consideration,What do you carry in an assault pack?

Your assault pack is there to carry ammo, tools, night vision, batteries , signalling kit and other items that will sustain your lethality in combat. Additionally they will contain a bare minimum of sustainment.

Regarding this,How much weight can an assault pack carry?

The Assault Pack of the USMC Pack system has an approximate internal volume of 1525 cubic inches in the main compartment and 300 cubic inches in the front pocket. The Main Pack and Assault Pack components are capable of carrying a maximum combined load of 120 pounds.

Subsequently,What is a MOLLE assault pack?

The Kombat small black MOLLE assault pack is a flexible and compact backpack, made with tough materials which make it ideal for tough outdoor activities. The 28 litre capacity of the pack is split over 1 main compartment and 2 front utility pockets and there is an internal compartment for a hydration bladder.

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What are MOLLE straps used for?

Gear with MOLLE webbing (also known as PALS, or Pouch Attachment Ladder System) allows you to attach components to each other using a series of woven straps, creating an incredibly strong bond that doesn't bounce or jostle while in motion and therefore won't fail.

What are the loops on a tactical bag for?

These loops can be used as attachment points for elastic cords or twine to hold gear and add virtually no weight to the bag.

How many liters is an army assault pack?

US Army Assault Pack I Backpack Combat backpack back 30 litre Liter (Black)

What is the difference between MOLLE and PALS?

MOLLE and PALS Packs With the MOLLE system, gear attachment is made simple, fast and easy – in fact, this was one of the main driving ideas behind the design. In summary essentially PALS is the webbing and MOLLE is the attachment. If you have PALS webbing you can use MOLLE attachments.

What are the loops for on military backpacks?

Backpack loops are additional load-bearing points that allow you to attach extra gear to the backpack. They are designed to give you more flexibility in using the backpack. Using them, you can securely attach items like pouches, magazines, trekking poles, axes, shovels, etc., to the backpack.

Are you supposed to weave MOLLE?

Tips for Using MOLLE Gear MOLLE sticks and straps are rigid, so alternating between the sticks while you're weaving can make the process easier. Don't skip over any webbing while weaving your sticks and straps through – use every row to keep your gear as secure as possible.