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How much is lettuce ?

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How much is lettuce?

Price SpreadCommodityRecord DateAtlanta RetailIceberg Lettuce2019-04-07$1.29Green Leaf Lettuce2019-04-07$2.32Celery2019-04-07$1.52Cauliflower2019-04-07$3.4121 more rows

Correspondingly,How much is a lb of lettuce?

In 2019, the U.S. price for one pound of lettuce amounted to almost one and a half U.S. dollars.

Accordingly,What is the average price for a head of lettuce?

The cost of lettuce is creeping up. Last year, the USDA reported that, on average, romaine lettuce heads cost $1.48 per pound. Iceberg heads were about $1.09 per pound.

One may also ask,How much is a ball of lettuce?

Frisee Lettuce - Each Price : $3.99Belgian Endive - Each Price : $3.99Iceberg Lettuce - Head Price : $2.99Boston Lettuce - Head Price : $2.99Escarole Lettuce - Head Price : $1.69Romaine Lettuce - each Price : $2.99Red Leaf Lettuce - Head Price : $2.99Radicchio Lettuce - Head Price : $2.002 more rows

Thereof,Why is lettuce expensive?

Wild weather spurs growing prices. The price of the summer staple has doubled since this time last year.

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Why is lettuce so cheap?

Most simply, the farmer and grocery store need to make money on the head of lettuce, and you (as the consumer) need to value the head of lettuce enough to pay the asking price. Clearly, there is negotiation from the farmer and the grocery store for a fair wholesale price.

How much do leafy greens cost?

Price SpreadCommodityRecord DateFarm PriceGreen Leaf Lettuce2019-04-14$0.43Celery2019-04-14$2.98Cauliflower2019-04-14$1.18Carrots2019-04-14$0.2921 more rows

How much does lettuce cost per kg?

The average price for Lettuce in March 2019 was $1.82/kg, an decrease of -$0.09/kg, or -4.98% below the average price obtained in February.

How do you buy lettuce?

Look for clean, fresh looking cut ends. You don't want anything that looks rusty, dried-out, or wilted. Crisp, bright-looking leaves are good too.

Why are salad prices so high?

You may wonder why salads are more expensive than sandwiches, and the answer lies with their ingredients. Salads require more greens than sandwiches, and fresh ingredients have a higher price tag. It's time for lunch. You're hungry, don't have much time, and want to eat healthily.

How much does a head of lettuce weigh?

A normal head of lettuce weighs 300 grams.

How much does a lettuce leaf weigh?

Including 184 recipes with lettuce leaves, nutrition data, and where to find it....How much do lettuce leaves weigh?measuregrams1 head, small3241 leaf, large151 leaf, medium81 leaf small54 more rows•May 1, 1999

How much is a head of lettuce in Canada?

Food prices from our Cost of Living SectionMarketsEditTomato (1 lb)2.06C$Potato (1 lb)1.33C$Onion (1 lb)1.23C$Lettuce (1 head)2.72C$10 more rows